Laser illumination is now widely accepted as the best approach for capturing fluorescent images of prints and other organic trace evidence—either treated with rhodamine or even from native (incipient) fluorescence. The object or surface under test is illuminated by light in particular wavelength band, usually green. The natural fluorescence or dye-aided fluorescence of trace organics occurs at a longer wavelength in the yellow and orange part of the visible spectrum. In order to preferentially image the weak fluorescence relative to the much brighter scatter from simple reflection of the light source, a blocking filter is placed between the object and the digital camera. This boosts the visibility of the fluorescence by many orders of magnitude. The laser gives superior results compared to a filtered lamp because it provides high spectral brightness (monochromaticity) with zero out-of-band light. Laser light at a single wavelength, and the coherent nature of a laser beam means that almost all the laser power can be directed to a particular area, usually by a handpiece coupled by a fiberoptic umbilical. Forensic light sources, including lasers, are used to excite fluorescence in trace evidence. Optimum images can be obtained by excitation with blue/green light with a wavelength in the 488-535 nm range. Emission is then observed through an orange filter somewhere around the 580 nm wavelength band, which blocks the intense scattered light in the illumination (green) band.

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Review by Austin Bills
No other light source compares to this wonderful piece of equipment! I highly recommend the Tracer. (Posted on 7/23/2015)

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Coherent TracER™ Laser

Laser Power: 6.25W or 8W
Wavelength: 532 nm
Typical Bandwidth: 0.5nm
Operating Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Beam Diameter: 15-30cm continuously variable
Start up time with battery (cold/warm): 30 sec / 2 sec
Dimensions: 16.2" L x 12.2" W x 14.9" H
Weight: 45lbs with integrated battery pack
Integrated Battery Pack: up to approximately
2 hours on a single charge
Includes argon goggles
1 year warranty

Optically pumped semiconductor, solid-state forensic laser system
Locate fingerprints, fibers, biological residue, drug residue & more
Dynamic functionality for hands-free use when used with tripod
Reveals trace evidence even in bright ambient light
Multifunction hand-piece for optimal performance
Enhanced fiber optics for uniform illumination
Mountable hand-piece for hands free use
Industry standard for more than 10 years
Validated by NFSTC Research
CDRH compliant

Our straight peak 532nm Optically Pumped Semiconductor, solid-state laser brings only 532nm wavelength. This makes visualization and photography consistent and efficient when photographing evidence. This also means no burnout or heat variable lighting and increased laser life.

The Coherent TracER Laser has a proven track record for use in crime labs, at crime scenes, and in the most extreme environments in combat zones. It is also validated as a SOP in federal, state and private facilities across the United States and Canada.

Included integrated battery allows for cordless, go-anywhere portability.

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Coherent TracER™ Laser