We're ringing in a new year by looking back. We're looking back at the top products of 2017 that received the highest ratings from our users and were most frequently ordered.


Cyclone Fiber Brush

1. Cyclone Fiber Brush

This Cyclone Fiber Brush has been precision milled to spin, twirl and evenly sweep fingerprint powder over the desired surface. 6.5” long brush consists of thousands of specially formulated glass fibers to insure softness and maximum coverage without damaging prints. The brush will hold the correct amount of powder and distribute it evenly, resulting in fewer trips to the powder jar. Our Fiber Brushes are made to last, and will grow better with age. Packaged in a reusable plastic tube which opens on both ends for easy storage and removal. Use one brush for black powder, one for dual use powder and one for white powder. Click here to order.


Fingerprint Lifting Tape - Clear

Fingerprint Lifting Tape

Unquestionably the finest quality tape available for lifting prints. Use frosted tape to reduce reflection/glare when photographing. Packaged in a dust-free, reclosable container. This tape is pressure wound, heat treated, and fish-eye free. Click here to order.


SealGuard™ Split Back Evidence Tape - Red/White Stripe

SealGuard™ Split Back Evidence Tape - Red/White Stripe

Arrowhead SealGuard™ Split Back Evidence Tape features an acetate base to prevent shrinking and swelling in extreme temperatures. 3M adhesive produces a superior, tamper-proof seal, making it impossible to remove the tape without destroying it. Dual serrated edges make it easy to tear to desired length. SealGuard™ is backed with a 70lb split back liner to prevent curling, allowing quick, easy, controlled application. Other colors available upon request. In stock and ready to ship today! Click here to order.


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