For many of you, your fiscal year ends soon.  If you have some remaining funds leftover from this year, we have some ideas on how you can maximize those dollars!  We’ve created a tool for each budget to help you decide how to spend those funds. Here are our Top 5 Products for the Latent Print Section.






The new Full Spectrum COLOR Imaging System (FSC) is the most advanced forensic image capturing system in the world. The FSC features a patented 16 MP digital camera with a 78 mm UV lens. Now, for the first time, the new FSC can capture an image in FULL COLOR!  With over 16 megapixels of resolution and sensitivity from 254 nm to 1100 nm, the FSC can easily capture a full handprint at 1000 ppi (pixels per inch), and micro evidence up to 3,500 ppi.

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Dual77 Pistol Grip Investigation Laser

Dual77 Pistol Grip Investigation Laser


The Dual77 445nm/520nm Pistol Grip Investigation laser system is used to detect latent fingerprints and other evidence, such as bone fragments, footprints, bodily fluids, chemically treated prints, and more. During fluorescence examination the investigator scans the diverging laser beam slowly across a surface. The laser operates at a wavelength of 445 nm or at 520 nm with a maximum radiant power of 7 watts. The Dual77’s compact, lightweight design makes this a truly portable laser for both the scene and the lab.

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FF-1 Forensic Filter

FF-1.0 Forensic Filter


Take your latent print photography to the next level. High power Laser or ALS light sources are very effective at inducing fluorescence. However, longer wavelength (orange) background fluorescence sometimes overpowers shorter wavelength (yellow) treated and untreated evidence fluorescence. The new state-of-the-art FF-1.0 Narrow Band-Pass Forensic Filter rejects unwanted orange background fluorescence to enhance fingerprint ridge detail. No need to change your evidence processing techniques or procedures.

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Expose Barrier Filter

Expose Curved Barrier Filter – 62 mm


The Expose Curved Barrier filter is the only orange filter you’ll ever need. Discover how much more detail is exposed with this unique filter. This filter features a unique curved design that renders more ridge detail when taking photographs with the 532 nm TracER Laser, the 520 nm Dual77 Laser, and other alternate light sources in the UV-550 nm range. As a Long Pass Filter, it blocks outside laser and ALS light and passes longer wavelengths emitted from trace evidence samples in order to capture images with more detail using a suitable camera.

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Cyclone Fiber Brush

Cyclone Fiber Brush


This Cyclone Fiber Brush has been precision milled to spin, twirl and evenly sweep fingerprint powder over the desired surface. The 6.5” long brush consists of thousands of specially formulated glass fibers to insure softness and maximum coverage without damaging prints. The brush will hold the correct amount of powder and distribute it evenly, resulting in fewer trips to the powder jar. Our Fiber Brushes are made to last, and will grow better with age. The Cyclone Fiber Brush comes packaged in a reusable plastic tube which opens on both ends for easy storage and removal.

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