For many of you, your fiscal year ends soon.  If you have some remaining funds leftover from this year, we have some ideas on how you can maximize those dollars!  We’ve created a tool for each budget to help you decide how to spend those funds. Here are our Top 5 Products Around $5,000.



XPert Bench Top Hood

XPert Bench Top Hood for Fentanyl Containment – 2’


The XPert® System by Labconco provides crime laboratories with a compact, high-performance benchtop hood that maximizes containment when processing hazardous drug samples. Air is drawn into the XPert hood, trapping drug powders onto an internal HEPA filter, ensuring that all hazards are swept away — and kept away — from forensics personnel.

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UltraLite ALS - Ultra Turbo Kit

UltraLite™ ALS - Ultra Turbo Kit


Designed specifically for crime scene use, the UltraLite™ ALS Ultra Turbo Kit provides investigators with one of the most powerful solid-state forensic alternate light sources,
featuring a 500 mW to 2000 mW intensity range. Its lightweight, compact design benefits investigators searching for evidence in small and cramped environments.
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Forensic Light Source and Image Capture Workstation

Forensic Light Source and Image Capture Workstation


The Arrowhead Portable Workstation is a custom built, heavy duty workstation specifically designed to meet the requirements of any department or agency. Featuring over 20 mounting and storage options, this is the only workstation you will need for your ALS, image capturing, and forensic light storage. The Arrowhead Workstation is a versatile, custom workstation with standard height adjustability. The 4-post design provides superior stability and simplicity that allows you to focus on productivity. Height adjustability allows you to comfortably work sitting or standing. Robust construction with 14-gauge steel and industrial laminate top provides years of performance.

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Benchtop Protector Evidence Cabinet

Benchtop Protector Evidence Cabinet


The durable, stainless steel-lined Protector® Evidence Drying Cabinet provides a secure ventilated area to dry evidence such as clothing and bedding. This benchtop-sized unit works well in labs with smaller space, and its HEPA and carbon filtered exhaust protects personnel from exposure to biohazards while also eliminating nuisance odors. The scratch-resistant door has a magnetic seal and may be secured with a user-supplied padlock or tamper-evident tags, ensuring the safety of your evidence.

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Rofin Flare+ 2 Blue/UV Kit

Rofin Flare+ 2 - Blue/UV Kit


The Rofin Flare PLUS ( Flare+ 2 ) is a battery driven, multiple array, state of the art Light Emitting Diode (LED) forensic light-source with a dedicated lithium ion battery for each band. It has been specifically designed to assist the forensic scientist to efficiently carry out an examination at the scene-of-crime. This kit features 2 Flare+ 2 heads (Blue and UV) and batteries in a rugged Pelican Case.

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