Evidence submitted to a lab or evidence vault must be stored in an appropriate container with a proper seal. The seal must be sufficient to prevent item(s) contained from being lost, removed, or contaminated by outside sources. A container is only considered “appropriate” and “properly sealed” if its contents cannot readily escape and if opening the container results in obvious damage/alteration to the seal or the container itself. All evidence must be packaged in a suitable container that protects the evidence from loss, cross -transfer, or contamination.


Our 2mil Sure-Seal Tamper Indicating bags require no prepackaging of evidence prior to use. Once the adhesive closure strip is exposed and sealed, the bag is impossible to open without destroying the seal or showing obvious signs of tampering. Includes white write-on area, tear and puncture resistance durability, removable submission receipt, and the convenience of clear, see-through material.

SURESEAL TAMPER EVIDENT BAGS:Tamper Indicatiing Evidence Bags
• Available in 4 sizes
• Backing doubles as item receipt
• Tamper evident seal and markings on all sides
• Provided in packages of 100 and case packs of 500
Available in Currency/Money Storage Bags
Available in Inmate Personal Property Storage Bags

When you want to be sure of your seal, get SureSeal..