Superseal on bag

Preserving and maintaining evidence collected at a scene is crucial. Evidence must be handled and packaged correctly to minimize deterioration and contamination. The key is understanding the evidence and the proper way to package it. Choose packaging of the proper size and material for the evidence. Package each piece of evidence separately, and properly label, seal, and document it. Evidence tape is designed to easily indicate tampering. Use packing tape to seal bags and boxes, then place evidence tape over the packing tape. Sign across the tape, with half the signature on the tape and half on the package. As a result, the evidence will be securely packaged, and you’ll notice any evidence tampering.

- Evidence submitted must be in sealed containers whenever possible.
- All submitted packaged items must be sealed with evidence tape.
- Evidence tape must bear officer’s initials and date that the evidence was collected.
- Initials and date must overlap the edge of the tape to help ensure the seal stays secure.

SuperSeal™ Evidence/Box Tape features our strongest adhesive which produces a permanent, tamper-evident seal. When you want to hold bags shut and boxes together, use SuperSeal™ Evidence/Box Tape. This tape can securely seal plastic and paper bags, envelopes, tubes, cans, and boxes. Available with 3 imprint colors (red, blue and black) and in 2 widths, 1.5” and 2”. Solid and spilt back options are available for dispensing from the box or from a tape dispenser.

TOP 5 USES FOR THE ALL NEW SuperSeal™ Evidence/Box Tape:
1. Use the thicker 2" style for large boxes and evidence bags.
2. Seal pesky kraft evidence bags made of post-recycled content.
3. Customize to differentiate your sections.
4. Use as a primary seal, then cover with standard evidence tape.
5. Replacing evidence tape that falls off bags.

Want your department/agency name emblazoned across every sealed piece of evidence? No problem, we can do that for you! We love to personalize your evidence tape with the wording of your choice.

SuperSeal Tape