Footwear impressions are found at virtually every crime scene and can often provide an important link between the suspect and the crime scene. As a significant form of physical evidence, impressions may provide valuable information on where the crime occurred and the direction the suspect traveled while committing the crime. This information may place the suspect at the crime scene or eliminate the suspect as having been there.

Although interest in footwear evidence has increased over the years, many crime scene investigators and crime scene technicians still fail to recognize the importance and value of footwear impressions as physical evidence. Often, impressions are overlooked, improperly collected, or not collected at all. However, with the increased awareness of footwear impression evidence, accompanied by continued research and additional training now being offered on the proper detection, recovery, and collection of footwear evidence, the analysis of this valuable form of physical evidence will continue to be an integral part of criminal investigations. (The Forensic Analysis of Footwear Impression Evidence)

A validated, impression collection product has recently been introduced to the forensic market. The Stat Lift™ is a revolutionary, cost effective way to recover, transport and preserve impressions. Traditional methods for collecting dust impressions (electrostatic dust lifters and gel lifters) can be expensive and in certain conditions yield undesirable results. The Stat Lift™ works great in all temperature conditions and holds detail when properly stored. The Stat Lift's™ natural state properties do not require any additional charge. Stat Lift™ photographs well because it has a matte-like finish which reduces the amount of specular highlights. It can be packaged and preserved using simple storage methods. Request your free sample today and make the right impression. Stat Lift measures 9" x 14”. The validation study is found in The Journal of Forensic Identification. (Validation of Vinyl Static Cling Film for the Collection and Preservation of Dust Impressions, 61 (4), 2011 \ 317.)

No static charge is required
Impressions maintain detail for longer periods of time
Cost-effective (around $1.25 a piece)
Easy and safe to use
Works on a variety of surfaces
Matte finish photographs well
Natural static properties yield more contrast & detail
Not sensitive to hot/cold temperatures

The Validation Study has outlined methods for creating and scoring the performance of the Stat Lift. Fill out the form here for your free sample to test the superiority of the Stat Lift.