One Scene, One Specialist

At a crime scene, DNA deposits can come from any item that has come into contact with an individual or their bodily fluids (saliva, sweat, semen, etc.) (Blozis, 2010). Latent fingerprints often contain enough skin or sweat to provide a full DNA profile of the individual. Therefore, great attention must be given to the fingerprint brushes and powder used to lift these latent prints from a scene in order to avoid DNA contamination and cross-contamination. Unfortunately, it is common practice to use the same brush to powder different objects at different scenes (Van Oorschot, Treadwell, Beaurepaire, Holding & Mitchell). A study conducted by Van Oorschot et al. tested the potential for DNA transfer with used brushes and powder. Some of the brushes handled were used in casework, and others were purposely contaminated with handprints, saliva, blood, or a mixture of the three. After analysis, both full and partial DNA profiles were recovered from used brushes and powders. Additionally, transfer was occasionally seen between brushed surfaces (Van Oorschot et al.). Van Oorschot et al. provided recommendations to prevent contamination through fingerprint brushes or powder. One of those recommendation was to use separate, disposable brushes and powders for each scene, or at most, object to avoid transfer.

The all new line of Specialist DNA Free Powders is here to avoid DNA transfer. The Specialist line of DNA free powders feature a disposable 6" x 5" pouch containing .5 oz of DNA-Free fingerprint powder. These pouches are designed so investigators can load their brush without making a mess or touching the powder. Each pouch is hermetically sealed, then sterilized by GAMMA radiation to ensure the product is DNA free. Use these powders in lifting latent fingerprints from crime scenes to help preserve the integrity of the investigation and aid in the efficient pursuit of justice. All items are packaged to prevent contamination before use, and are meant to be used only once. These DNA free items provide a way for the investigator to eliminate DNA cross contamination, but still process the scene with the tools that they require.

Use our Specialist DNA Free Powders with our Specialist DNA Free Sterile Fiber Brush.

- Advances collection methods for processing of touch DNA
- Prevents cross contamination
- Properly sterilized to be free of DNA
- Each batch is lot controlled