“Its Unique Design Stands Above The Rest”

The Cap-Shure® Cotton Tipped Applicator was chosen as a winner by Forensic Magazine in 2014 not only for its state-of-the-art design, but also for its intuitive ease of use. While competitors’ products serve a similar purpose, our product has proven to be the superior choice for specimen, DNA, and evidence collection. Its absorbent cotton tip is produced from high quality US Pharma grade cotton which we card and coil onsite in order to maintain consistency. The forensic swab’s tip is securely bonded to a wood or plastic handle, and the contaminant-free aerated cap protects the tip from cross-contamination to ensure the quality of each specimen. Each applicator comes sterile and individually wrapped. The ventilated cap allows for normal air-drying and lays flat for easy transport. This product is ideal for collecting minute samples at crime scenes or as a buccal swab for whenever PCR will be used. Made in the USA.

“Ease Of Use Means Reliable Results”

Using the award-winning Cap-Shure® Cotton Tipped Applicator is extremely easy, making it ideal for collecting minute samples at crime scenes when efficiency is most crucial. To use, simply follow these three easy steps.

1. Open the tip protector cap.
2. Slide down the swab handle until swab tip is exposed.
3. Swab the cotton tip on designated area, then slide the cap back over the swab and close cap.

Our Cap-Shure® Cotton Tipped Applicator line of applicators are uniquely crafted for the collection of fragile evidence such as blood, saliva, latent print residue, or other physiological fluids, ensuring the integrity of each sample. The Cap-Shure® Cotton Tipped Applicator is a featured product in our SWAB18 promotion. Add it to your purchase of $100 or more and get this t-shirt for free.

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Diagnostic / Medical / Forensics & DNA
Specimen Collection
DNA Collection
Evidence Collection

Medical grade quality
Tip suspended away from sides
Can lay flat to air dry

I love the Sterile Cotton Swab with the Cap-Shure top. I can secure this cap with one hand! In the field at an active crime scene often we are collecting evidence in precarious positions while holding a flashlight. To be able to secure DNA scientifically and securely without having to use both hands to fold a box is remarkable. The ventilated cap allows your evidence to air dry and stay in place during transportation.

The sterile cotton tip swabs with the protective cap enclosure, because the sterile cotton tip absorbs any biological fluids (blood, saliva, urine, or fecal matter) collected and the plastic cap immediately can preserve the physical evidence for further analysis. Plus, the swabs are good for preserving substrate and non substrate physical evidence.