With the introduction of the DUAL77 Pistol Grip Investigation Laser System, the advantages both blue and green lasers are offered in one integrated system. This provides investigators with a powerful and portable tool that can be used in a variety of circumstances. The combination of the 7.2W blue 445 nm laser and 6.6W green 520 nm laser provides versatility, making the DUAL77 useful for searching a crime scene, detecting DNA evidence, or examining latent prints. These advantages are all offered in a compact and lightweight system, making the DUAL77 a truly portable laser for both the field and the lab. This four part blog series examines why the DUAL77 might be right for you. This article exhibits the unique features of the DUAL77 that make it the best portable forensic laser on the market.

 Dual77 Pistol Grip Investigation Laser

Dual77 Pistol Grip Investigation Laser



Laser Technology

The DUAL77 operates using semiconductor diode lasers, as opposed to DPSSLs (diode pumped solid state lasers). DPSSLs, which are used in other forensic lasers, emit more heat and therefore operate at a lower efficiency by nature. The semiconductor diode lasers utilized in the DUAL77 offers users the maximum amount of output power, while providing efficiency and a significantly lower risk of overheating. Semiconductor diode lasers are also very small, enabling systems that utilize them to be extremely portable.



The unique design of the handpieces provided with the DUAL77 offer a number of advantages. Because of the small size of semiconductor diode lasers, the diodes are integrated directly into the hand piece of the laser system. Therefore, all optics, including the diffusor, are housed within the handpiece. The box operates as a control module and power supply, while the hand pieces produce and diffuse the laser beam. Therefore, laser light no longer needs to travel through a fiber optic cable, ensuring no output is lost from the box to the lens.



The integrated hand piece system allows the whole laser unit to be extremely portable, weighing in at only 5.4 lb. The battery housed within the box provides 20 hours of continuous operation at 445 nm, and 2 hours of continuous operation at 520 nm. Battery life indication is featured on the LED touchscreen.



Housing the diodes within the hand pieces allows each hand piece to house a different wavelength. Different wavelengths are accomplished by simply disconnecting one hand piece and connecting a different one. This also affords the ability to upgrade the output of the laser system by upgrading the hand piece alone.



Separate hand pieces also enhance user safety. Users must switch hand pieces when switching between blue and green lasers. The box unit recognizes which hand piece is being used and the correct color of goggles is prompted on LED screen when corresponding hand piece is attached. This prevents accidently switching wavelengths while operating laser and reduces the risk of operating the laser while wearing the wrong filtering/protective eyewear, which can lead to eye damage.



The DUAL77 is not only designed to provide safety, but also ease of use. The laser can be controlled through both the box unit and the hand pieces. Power is adjustable from 10-100% via the LED touchscreen on the box unit. A “dead-man” style button is located on the hand piece, requiring the button to be depressed in order for the laser to operate; if released the laser will shut off. An override switch is located on the box for prolonged hand-free use, such as during photo documentation or prolonged specimen examination. The hand pieces also feature standard camera mount receptacles for easy mounting on a tripod.


Shows the features of the Dual77 Pistol Grip Investigation Laser.


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