Forensic lasers are often utilized in the lab, usually by latent print examiners. However, new laser technology has enabled ultra-portablity and versatility, by providing multiple wavelengths in a small, lightweight, and integrated system. These benefits compound with the known advatages of the narrow bandwidth and power found in forensic lasers. These attributes make the DUAL77 Pistol Grip Investigation Laser perfect for a variety of environments and uses, from the lab to the field. This article explains the advantages of the DUAL77 in the forensic disciplines of crime scene investigation, dna collection, and latent print examination.


Crime Scene

When searching a crime scene for evidence, time and results are extremely valuable. Traditionally, experts are needed to comb over a crime scene with light sources, grid by grid, in order to find evidence. Sometimes, multiple passes with different lights and filters are necessary. This consumes precious time, and is often not available to small agencies or departments with no in-house expertise. However, the DUAL77 changes this dynamic. Because of its intensity and effectiveness in fluorescing, investigators can perform broad sweeps of a crime scene that reveal more evidence than an ALS. Therefore, even investigators with less experience can sweep a scene and document immediately, eliminating the risk of contamination or deterioration. Both the blue and green lasers are extremely effective at revealing even the faintest traces of evidence in no time at all.



When searching for biological evidence, careful examination of every square inch of a piece of evidence is required. This means processing large pieces of evidence such as bed sheets and comforters can be a grueling task. But with a forensic laser, one or two passes over the whole thing can reveal even what would have been missed with careful conventional sweeps. This enables DNA technicians to quickly locate even trace samples for extraction and analysis.


Latent Print

For latent print examiners, clarity and contrast are key. Green lasers have long been used in the processing of latent prints. Not only can they fluoresce prints inherently, but green lasers are also extremely effective when using chemical processing. Now, with the addition of a blue laser in the same system, this tried and true tool has become even more versatile. Along with the benefits of a green laser, the DUAL77 adds the ability to process latent prints using chemical processes associated with blue forensic light sources now with the clarity and contrast of a laser.


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Dual77 Pistol Grip Investigation Laser


Dual77 Pistol Grip Investigation Laser