SealGuard™ Signature Series™ Split Back Evidence Tape

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SealGuard Signature Series Tamper Evident Tape - Red with Double White Stripe - 1.375" x 108'
A-3100-11 -
SealGuard Signature Series Tamper Evident Tape - Blue with Double White Stripe - 1.375" x 108"
A-3100-12 -
Product code: arrowhead-signature-series-sealguard-split-back-evidence-tape
We've tailored the all new Arrowhead Signature Series™ SealGuard™ Split Back Evidence Tape to meet the Accepted Accreditation Method for evidence sealing. With the all new Signature Strip™, there is now dedicated white space to sign, initial and date all sealed evidence. Our Signature Series™ features the same acetate base to prevent shrinking and swelling in extreme temperatures. 3M adhesive produces a superior, tamper-proof seal, making it impossible to remove the tape without destroying it. Dual serrated edges make it easy to tear to desired length. SealGuard™ is backed with a 70lb split back liner to prevent curling, allowing quick, easy, controlled application. Other colors available upon request.

The Accepted Accredidation Method states:
All openings, joined surfaces, and edges of the evidence container will be sealed with paper packaging tape or with tape specifically designed for sealing evidence which will show signs of tampering if a seal is broken. The individual who sealed the evidence container will write his or her initials or signature on the seals in several different locations. The writing will be visible on both the tape and the evidence container.

Rolls are 1.375” x 100’ in a Dispenser Box

See product demonstration video here.