midknight nitrile gloves

Midknight Nitrile Gloves

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Midknight Nitrile Gloves - Large - 100/box
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Midknight Nitrile Gloves - X-Large - 100/box
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Midknight Nitrile Gloves - Medium - 100/box
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Midknight Nitrile Gloves - Small - 100/box
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MidKnight™ MK-296 black nitrile exam gloves offer tough protection while masking dirt, oils and grease so wearers’ hands look neat and professional during work. In addition to hiding stains, the dark color of these sturdy gloves makes it easy for workers to see lighter materials they handle. These disposable grip gloves are also fully textured and non-foaming, so workers can confidently grip tools and materials even when wet.
The robust design of MICROFLEX MidKnight black nitrile gloves makes them perfect for auto mechanics, maintenance workers and a wide range of other industrial workers in tough jobs where hands get dirty. These disposable grip gloves are also a great choice for law enforcement and corrections officers in need of gloves that protect against fentanyl, as they are proven to resist both fentanyl and gastric acid (vomit) for more than 240 minutes. MidKnight gloves from are medical examination grade, and compliant with U.S. Food Contact regulations. 100 per box.

The distinctive color of these black nitrile gloves hides stains and provides contrast for improved visibility
These disposable grip gloves feature a fully textured design for a confident grip
Non-foaming for easy handling of objects in wet environments
Tested against both fentanyl and gastric acid (vomit) to simulate hazardous, real world overdose situations

Material: Nitrile
Shape: Ambidextrous
Color: Black
Size: S-XL
Cuff: Beaded
Glove Interior: Powder-free, chlorinated, polymer-coated
Glove Exterior: Textured fingers
Usage: For single use only
Packaging: 100 gloves/box, 10 boxes/case

Manufacturer Part No.: MK-296