Sane-Lite Kit - No Camera

Sane-Lite Kit - No Camera

Product code: A-6932
The SANE-LIGHT features a 3-in-1 handheld light. The light has a series of UV 365nm, blue 425nm and blue 455nm LED lights that provide direct lighting on your subject.
Included in the kit is a 360° hotshoe mount. This 3-in-1 light kit is designed to free hands for the photographer while still providing the consistent 425nm & 455nm Blue LED lights that is desired for proper fluorescence of biologicals as well as a 365nm UV LED viewing for bruise, bite mark and biological evidence.


1) SANE-LITE light
1) Hotshoe 360 ° mount
2) Yellow goggles
2) Orange goggles
1) Yellow 62mm Filter
1) Orange 62mm Filter

1) Case


UV 365nm LED for forensic illumination
Blue 425nm LED for forensic illumination
Blue 455nm LED for forensic illumination
ON/OFF master power button on back
ON/OFF individual power buttons on sides
Each wavelength may be turned on individually or


2) 3v CR17345 batteries