Easi-Collect Plus Generic Kit

DNA Collection Kit - Easi-Collect+ Device - 10 Kits

Product code: A-DNAEC-10
Standardized FTA sample collection kits incorporate FTA technology for DNA reference sample collection into one convenient package for collection of buccal samples using the EasiCollect device. FTA Cards are one of the leading DNA sample preservation tools used globally in forensic applications. Standardized kits help ensure consistent sample collection routines in the field and in the lab. Each kit includes all the components needed for sample collection. EasiCollect Buccal Collection Kit includes established FTA technology items for sample collection in the field to increase efficiency and productivity in the forensic laboratory. A demographics form can be edited to include information about the collection agency.

10 Kits

1) EasiCollect+ DNA Collector
1) Double-Swab Containers
1) Inking Strip
1) Ink Removal Wipe
1) Evidence Envelopes
1) Evidence Labels
1) Pair Individually Wrapped Gloves
Collection Instructions