A-7-0500-A DryFast Swab Dryer

DryFast Swab Drying Cabinet

Product code: A-7-0500-A
This swab drying cabinet is used to safely dry evidence swabs while protecting them from cross-contamination. The DryFast Dryer can hold up to 30 swabs.

Complete With:
Swab Cabinet and Swab Tray
Power On-Off Indicator
0 - 60 Minute Timer
20 Security Locks

Rapidly Dries Swabs Using Room Air
Convenient Washable Slide-Out Tray
Cabinet has a Hinged Door With Latch
Numbered Security Lock Maintains Evidence Integrity
Optional Adapter for Use in Crime Scene Vehicles
Compact for Table use 13.5" L x 8" H x 6.625"
Weight - 7 lbs.
Power - 120 VAC to 12 VDC Transformer

Important Notice: Some states, such as California, require that emergency rooms which conduct exams for sexual assault must air dry swabs before packaging them. This swab dryer fills that requirement. The biological evidence on the swabs is best preserved by drying in the swab dryer and then storing the evidence in a freezer.