Tieg's Liquid Powder

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Tieg's Liquid Powder - White
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Tieg's Liquid Powder - Black
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Product code: Tiegs Liquid Powder
Criminals utilize tape in the commission of crimes and it’s not just duct tape, any kind of adhesive tape or label can be processed for fingerprints.
It may be an address label or stamp on an envelope containing a threatening letter, the sticky edge of a post-it note, cellophane
tape sealing an envelope or packing tape sealing a box. Tieg’s Liquid Powder Kit is designed to make four, 2 ounce, single use batches of
liquid powder excellent for ridge detail when brushed on the adhesive side of tapes such as masking, duct, black, clear, cellophane brown
packaging and nylon strapping tapes. Use immediately after mixing for best results, mixture shelf life is 1 week. Tieg’s white powder will
fluoresce using UV-532 nm wavelengths.

4) Part A Solution
4) Part B Solution
1) 2 oz. Mixing Jar
1) Re-usable brush