Crime Scene Ready Kit

Luminosity Advanced Blood Stain Reagent - Crime Scene Kit

Product code: A-2583K
The search for the presence of blood at a crime scene is normally done by close visual examination. The possibility exists, however, that blood may be present in amounts too little to see with the unaided eye, or that the blood at the scene had been ”cleaned up” prior to arrival of the crime scene team. Investigators can take advantage of the luminol reaction to locate potential blood evidence that would be undetectable through visual examination.

The light, or luminescence, emitted in the Luminosity reaction is thought to result when an oxidizing agent, such as blood, catalyzes the oxidation of luminol by hydrogen peroxide in a basic solution. Besides being useful in locating minute amounts of blood, the luminescent pattern observed on surfaces could indicate such things as; the route of exit from the crime scene, drag marks in blood, or an attempt to clean up blood.

The Advanced Blood Stain properties within Luminosity make stains glow. Follow the simple mixing instructions and be ready to search in less than 5 minutes.

Validation Study available upon request.


Kit Includes:
16oz distilled water
1 vial catalyst powder
1 vial oxidant powder
Fine mist trigger sprayer
Storage Bag