XP100 for EMS, CSI

XP100 Nitrile Gloves

Product Qty
XP100 Nitrile Gloves - Small - 100/Box
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XP100 Nitrile Gloves - Medium - 100/Box
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XP100 Nitrile Gloves - Large - 100/Box
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XP100 Nitrile Gloves - X-Large - 100/Box
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XP100 Nitrile Gloves - 2XL - 80/Box
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Product code: xp100-nitrile-gloves-for-fentanyl
These extra thick nitrile gloves (8.25 mil at fingertips) provides superior chemical resistance and barrier protection. XP100 Nitrile Gloves Powder-Free Latex-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves deliver proven protection for some of the toughest crime scene situations. Features a unique Black & Gray Color combination which allows powders to be seen on either side of the glove. Extended cuff for added protection.

Ideal for:
Contrasting hazardous residues
Law Enforcement & Corrections
2-Ply Technology
12” length, 8.25mil fingertip thickness
Proprietary triple-wash & pH application for maintaining skin health
Full-textured for proven grip enhancement in dry and fluid environments
AQL 0.65 exceeds industry standard
Meets or Exceeds NIOSH recommendations for Fentanyl and its analogues

Length +/- .5: 12 in.
Cuff +/- 0.8: 4.5 mil
Palm +/- 0.8: 6.0 mil
Finger +/- 0.8: 8.25 mil
Tensile Strength Before Aging: 22 MPa
Tensile Strength After Aging: 20 MPa
Elasticity/Elongation Before Aging: 560%
Elasticity/Elongation After Aging: 530%
Puncture Resistance: 1.9 lbs.

Usage: For single use only
Packaging: 100 gloves/box (80 gloves/box XXL)