Traceable Backing Cards

Traceable Backing Cards

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Traceable Backing Cards - 3" x 5" - 100/pk
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Traceable Backing Cards - 5.5" x 8.5" - 100/pk
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These newly created Traceable Backing Cards were designed with the current and future digital workflows in mind. Whether you digitize the lifts yourself, or accept digital images from outside sources, this card is essential in your documentation process. This newly designed Traceable Backing Card brings proof positive documentation of the lifted evidence with the lift descriptive and location documentation with two sided, serialized printed cards. This allows the end user looking at the digital images to have confidence in the lift impression side matching with the appropriate digitalized descriptive backing card. This removes the "human error" of capture of front and back of backing cards, out of order images or miss-marking of lifts. Without this two-sided serialization, there is no positive way to verify the information if you are no longer in possession of the physical evidence. With the change of analysis of latent print evidence going from a magnified loop and backing card to digitalized images of the backing cards for on-screen viewing this is becoming a very important missed step by many practitioners. Allowing digital images of the lifts in the workflow, allows for on-screen annotation of the analysis and the ability to submit images for database searching. This also permits for easily maintained digital case work documentation for immediate retrieval if needed.

- Each card is serialized (front and back)
- Same card material as standard backing cards
- Printed in red to be easily removed in Photoshop

Patent Pending.