Perfect Gel Lifter Kit for Fingerprints

Master Gel Lifter Collection Kit

Product code: A-2460GFK
Get all the benefits of lifting fingerprints with Gellifters in the all new Gellifter Fingerprint Collection Kit. Powdered fingerprints can always
be lifted with Gellifters. The kind of Gellifter which should be used, depends on the color of the powder and one’s personal preference. With
white powder, the black Gellifters can be used to improve contrast. When using black powder the white or transparent Gellifters can be used.
When using the transparent lifters, a positive image can be obtained directly by photographing the print through the transparent backing.

Each Kit Contains:
1) 2oz Black Standard Powder
1) 2oz White Standard Powder
2) Fiber Brushes
12) 2” x 4” White Gellifters
12) 2” x 4” Black Gellifters
10) 3.6” x 5.2” White Gellifters
10) 3.6” x 5.2” Black Gellifters
20) 5.2” x 7.2” Transparent Gellifters
1) 6” Black Scale
1) 6” White Scale
1) 6” Gray Scale
1) Sturdy Plastic Carrying Case