Forensic Blue Swabs

Forensic Blue Swabs

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Forensic Blue Swabs- 25 swabs
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Forensic Blue Swabs - 50 swabs
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Forensic Blue Swabs are individually wrapped, single-dose applicators. This convenient method dispenses O-Toluidine Blue Dye used to aid in the identification of abrasion injury. In response to a need in forensic nursing practice, the Forensic Blue Swab was created to rid your exam room of the messy bottles of Toluidine Blue Dye (TBD) that get spilled and most of the time disposed of before you can use even half of the bottle. The Forensic Blue Swabs consist of a soft foam tipped swab that contains 1% Toluidine Blue Dye Aqueous Solution. Unscrew the swab from the container and the foam tipped swab is pre soaked and ready for your application.

In the genital assessment of sexual assault patients, the TBD can be used to identify abrasions not seen by the naked eye and sometimes even with the use of a colposcope. There is about 2 milliliters of TBD in each swab which is more than enough for this application. It is important to have forensic protocol that ensures proper timing of the application of TBD. The Forensic Blue Swab should be used after external evidence collection and before the speculum examination in females. A reminder is that Toluidine Blue Dye is not for the diagnosis and treatment of any disease. It is a benign solution that is used to enhance the visualization of micro-trauma in the vaginal area so it can be photographed for forensic evidence collection purposes.

• Foam swab soaked in o-toluidine blue dye
• The perfect amount of dye soaked into the swab, not overly saturated
• Less mess than previous product with self-contained swab storage
• Blue dye is now contained in a fully enclosed tubing
• Angled containment tube keeps blue dye near swab when placing on flat surface
• Squared tube end to keep from rolling
• One time use

Clarified, super clear, polypropylene container
Twist cap opening

Cylindrical style
Reticulated foam
Polypropylene handle.
Head Length: 22mm, .875"
Handle Length: 93mm, 3.65"
Overall Length: 98mm, 3.875"
Not a medical device

12 month shelf life.